Posted: November 22nd, 2016

Write an individual reflective and evaluative report on (a) the quality of your final video that was submitted, (b) how well you worked as a group, including the contributions of individual members

“Write an individual reflective and evaluative report on (a) the quality of your final video that was submitted, (b) how well you worked as a group, including the contributions of individual members, and (c) what you would do differently if you were to do this assignment again.” In our Organizational Behavior class, we were tasked to do a video as a group of 4. The group faced a lot of issues with sorting out suitable meeting times, but managed to complete the tasks given to each person. The report will be graded based on: making relevant points that reflect on individual and group work performance, Uses knowledge, theory & techniques related to at least four subject areas covered in the module, demonstrates analytical and evaluative skills, and presentation and coherence of arguments. Our subject areas covered: Attitudes, personalities and values, implications for managers, group processes, group norms, group decision making, team roles, team effectiveness and team management, organizational culture, leadership, communication and change management, conflict and stress management. Our video covered motivation, organizational culture, personalities and attitudes.

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