Posted: April 4th, 2021

Explore the propensity to remain a victim in abusive marriages. Understand the motivations, 2 characteristics of abusive spouses who typically intend to stay married to the partners they abuse.

Dynamics that lead up to and maintain abusive marriages


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Abusive marriages

You need to make a minimum of 3 posts (your main post and two reply posts), each with at least one cited reference (MINUMUM OF 3 REFERENCES IN ALL).

But, keep in mind that you can always make more than 3 posts…more the merrier!

All posts should be research based and should discuss and analyze the research in some detail.

Whenever possible, report data in your posts.

I will be grading based on how well you’ve explained the research and mingled it with your ideas.

On the reply posts, you need to take the presented argument to the next level by providing research / data that supports it or refutes it.

Simple agreements or disagreements without research support are not acceptable as adequate responses.

Each source used for a post should be cited APA style at the end of that post.

This forum will be open for posting until 11:59 pm on Friday, April 9th.

Please remember to respect the ideas of others as you communicate with your classmates.

Beginning and ending relationships is a part of life that we all experience.

Some relationships do come to an end or must be terminated.

Sometimes relationships simply fade away because the people in the relationships develop new goals or new interests.

Some relationships, however, develop conflicts that result in irreconcilable differences and sometimes even result in abusive situations.

Ending a relationship is never easy, even when a relationship is abusive, and conflict and violence ridden.

There is a great deal of data indicating that females particularly tend to remain in marriages in which their husbands abuse them, physically, emotionally, and/or sexually.

Do some research to explore this propensity to remain a victim in abusive marriages .

Understand the motivations and characteristics of abusive spouses who also typically intend to stay married to the partners they abuse.

What are the dynamics that lead up to and maintain such dysfunctional marriages?

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