Posted: April 25th, 2021

Consider the following important potential target behaviors that have been identified for Matt, a 5-year-old student who attends a half-day regular kindergarten program

How would you prioritize each  target behaviors for eventual assessment and treatment?

Consider the following three potential target behaviors that have been identified for Matt, a 5-year-old student who attends a half-day regular kindergarten program.

Target behaviors

Matt’s case study can be found on page 210 in your Functional Assessment text. Inappropriate social greetings. Rocking stereotype. Refusal to do work.

Part 2 Use the Worksheet for Prioritizing Potential Behaviors in the resources to prioritize Matt’s behaviors for treatment.

Use the key as identified on page 8, Table 1-1 of your Functional Assessment text to carefully rank each of Matt’s potential target behaviors by the extent to which it meets or fulfills each prioritization criterion.

You may add NA (not applicable) and UNK (unknown) to the key. You are required to submit this worksheet with the rest of your assignment.

Part 3 For each of Matt’s three target behaviors, explain why you gave each rating (on the 0–4 scale) for each of the nine points to consider when prioritizing behavior (that is, health and safety, longevity, likelihood of success, and so forth).

Please note that Part 3 of this assignment is only asking how you would prioritize each behavior for eventual assessment and treatment.

You are not to write an assessment or treatment plan. You are only required to describe your decisions for determining priorities.

Assignment Requirements Your assignment should meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Should be free of errors that detract from the overall message APA formatting:

References and citations are formatted according to current APA style guidelines.

Resources: A sufficient number of scholarly or professional resources. Resources should include the course texts, and a combination of seminal works.

Length: 2–3 double-spaced pages. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.SafeAssign: You are required to use Safe Assign before submitting the completed assignment to your instructor.

Submit your work to Safe Assign as a draft, review the results, and make any needed changes. When you are ready, submit your assignment to the assignment area for grading.

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