Posted: January 13th, 2017

1 sociological perspective and how it impacts the way we study religion

How sociological perspective help us understand interreligious conflict

What is the sociological perspective and how does it impact the way we study religion? Be sure to include a discussion of the central sociological assumptions.

2. Why are the sources of religion tied to anthropology, psychology, and sociology? Define, explain, and discuss.
3. What is the bureaucratization of religion? What are the implications for both members and leaders?
4. Why is religiosity difficult to measure? What are some of the ways in which sociologists measure religiosity and which do you feel is most accurate? Make sure to offer support for your position.
5. What are some of the unique relationships between religion and politics? Give some specific examples of religious influence in politics today.

6. How does the sociological perspective help us understand interreligious conflict (conflict within the same religion)? What are some examples?

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