Posted: December 28th, 2016

Social Learning Theory

Write a brief case study with a solution based on any two approaches covered in the lecture.
Create a character who is either a child of elementary age in a classroom or an adolescent at a counselor s office.
Present a behavioral problem for the character.
Recommend a solution to the problem based on any one of the following approaches:
Classical Conditioning
Operant/Instrumental Conditioning
Social Learning Theory
Recommend a second solution to address the problem. The solution should be based on an approach that you did not use in the first recommendation.
For example, you might be counseling a student who has an extreme fear of public speaking. You provide the classroom teacher with the following advice: Allow the student to read a report to a small group while seated. Next, the student should read it while standing and then give the report from notes instead of reading verbatim. The student can, then, give a report to the whole class.
This approach is based on Classical Conditioning.

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