Posted: December 30th, 2016

list three programs you observed and the date and time

Answer the five question in.observe one hour of three types of programs,record every aggressive act and prosocial act,catoon channel generally found in pbs,nick jr programs and adult programs. no wrestling ,comedy stan up routinsor music videos.
1, list three programs you observed and the date and time
2, using the data on your chart,multyply the total number of aggression act by 3 for each type of program to arrive at an hourly rate of aggresive act,do the same for prosocial behavior.make a table containing the hourly number for each program.
3,discuss the level of agression and of prosocial behavior for the three types of programs by comparing and contrasting what you observed (60 words)
4,what did you learn about this project on aggression and prosocial behavior (60 words)
5,what did you learn about doing research the process of doing this project (60 words)

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