Posted: November 21st, 2016

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and Person In Environment

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and Person In Environment (PIE) In a 3 to 4 page paper: Review Critical thinking, as described in the text. What does it have to do with science? Review the articles about Evidence based practice and the Person In Environment Perspective and Classification system. What is EBP (Evidence Based Practice)? How does EBP view the Person in Environment perspective? Discuss the background of the PIE classification/perspective and the individual/environment dichotomy. (Is it either intrinsic/or extrinsic, or both that impact an individual?) Consider the differences between PIE as a lens through which to view an individual, and the use of the PIE classification system. What are the advantages of viewing people from this lens? Using critical thinking, describe the value, merits or strengths of this classification system as well as any drawbacks or negatives you may notice.

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