Posted: December 22nd, 2016

The effects on mental health change as personality changes

1. Morgan is a 57 year old man whose children are off at college. According to Erikson, in order to fully develop generativity in middle age, Morgan needs to:
Create a personal legacy that can be handed down to subsequent generations of family.
Generate ideas and work that will stand the test of time.
Find meaning in contributing to the development of younger individuals.
Develop a focus within himself on his own personal development.

2. In her job as department manager, Lois must often attend late afternoon meetings that lead to her being unable to attend her children s extracurricular activities, such as games and concerts. What is Lois experiencing in these instances?
Role ambiguity
Role conflict
Role transition
Role strain

3. Though most people believe that their personalities change more with age than they actually do, personality changes in middle adulthood is possible. According to cross sectional studies on the topic, what is the most likely mechanism behind this?
A decline in achievement striving, independence, assertiveness, and individualism
An increase in prosocial behavior and positive emotionality
A decline in tenacious goal pursuit and negative emotionality
An increased ability to maintain control of one s emotions in a variety of situations

4. Considering what studies reveal about personality and how it can affect development, which of the following is true?
Personality changes significantly from adolescence through adulthood
Negative emotional traits in adolescence strongly predict less than optimal mental health status in earlier adulthood and middle age
There is no link between early personality traits and poor mental health in adulthood
The effects on mental health change as personality changes

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