Posted: January 6th, 2017

Conduct an analysis of a media text or group of texts for this assignment.

Conduct an analysis of a media text or group of texts for this assignment. The analysis should be a minimum of 5pages long.This assignment should be analysis, not research. In fact, research (on the web or elsewhere) is more likely to get in your way than help. I am interested in what you have found out in analyzing the text or texts, not what someone else has written about them. You do not need to do any research or use any references.

Intertextuality: Compare and contrast the handling of one issue in several places, either within one medium or across several media. For example, discuss Natural Born Killers in relation to violence in other movies or to violence on TV and/or in popular music. (This may be an expansion of an earlier essay.) Another possibility is to analyze the similarities and differences between the news and entertainment media in the treatment of one group or issue.

Remember, these are analysis papers. Do not just list examples, analyze them in depth. Provide specific examples, but explore and explain the implications of the depictions. Discuss if and why the depictions matter: How do the depictions relate to our culture? Do the depictions influence our culture? In other words, discuss in depth what the texts reveal about the relationship between mass media and society.

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