Posted: December 22nd, 2016

Capacity for positive change in response to environmental demands

1. Janet is a preschool teacher. In her classroom, she tries to focus on creating a safe space where children can practice stimulating and education activities, and eat nutritious snacks. She believes that people are naturally good, and children will undertake experiences on their own to help themselves grow. Janet s attitude is an example of the belief in:
human development
blank slate
innate goodness
original sin

2. Lena is 10 years old. She lives in an expensive part of town. Her parents are busy with their own lives and do not pay much attention or spend much time with her. In recent months, her grades have gone down and she has started running with a bad crowd. A counselor at her school is looking at all of these aspects of her life in order to find explanations for her development at this point. This broad perspective on Lena s development is an example of:
Nature vs. nurture
The domains of development
Internal models of experience
The ecological approach

3. A researcher is designing an experiment to measure if/how development in children is related to regular consumption of a multivitamin. Two hundred children are involved in the study. One hundred will consume a multivitamin daily, and the other one hundred will not. The children will be tracked from ages two years to five years. This research study is an example of:
Sequential design
Longitudinal design
Naturalistic observation
Cross sectional design

4. The lifespan perspective maintains that plasticity is possible throughout the entire lifespan. What is plasticity?
Emphasis on positive aspects of advanced age
Emphasis on positive responses to environmental change
Capacity for flexible responses to positive change
Capacity for positive change in response to environmental demands

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