Posted: November 21st, 2016

Blazer Inc. is thinking of acquiring Laker Company.

Blazer Inc. is thinking of acquiring Laker Company. Blazer expects Laker s NOPAT to be $9 million the first year, with no net new investment in operating capital and no interest expense. For the second year, Laker is expected to have NOPAT of $25 million and interest expense of $5 million. Also, in the second year only, Laker will need $10 million of net new investment in operating capital. Laker s marginal tax rate is 40%. After the second year, the free cash flows and the tax shields from Laker to Blazer will both grow at a constant rate of 4%. Blazer has determined that Laker s cost of equity is 17.5%, and Laker currently has no debt outstanding. Assume that all cash flows occur at the end of the year, Blazer must pay $45 million to acquire Laker. What is the NPV of the proposed acquisition? Note that you must first calculate the value to Blazer of Laker s equity.

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