Posted: December 8th, 2020

2: Important Global comparisons of mass incarceration rates of Black people in the U.S. compared to Blacks in other countries?

exploring global comparisons in incarceration rates

Write a 2 page paper (typed, double spaced) where you will discuss your understanding of the factors contributing to mass incarceration in this country as compared to the factors that go into the determination of incarceration rates in other countries.

I am particularly interested in your making the following distinction when exploring global comparisons in incarceration rates:

Incarceration rates

What racial differences, if any, exist in the levels of incarceration rates in the United States?

Are incarceration rate of Black people in the U.S. similar to or different from Blacks in other countries?

Are there any conclusions to be made in how the United States approaches law enforcement compared to other countries? What are these conclusions?

In your opinion, what are some of the effects of mass incarceration  and current approaches to criminal justice on the Black community in the United States?

Is there another model used in another country that we should consider using in this country? Explain.

Possible Resources that you may use, but are not limited to, include the following:

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